X-Message-Number: 23761
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 10:42:17 -0500 (EST)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: charming

Kennita Watson:

> They'll get it eventually -- thanks, John!  It is quite
> true that while I'll go it alone if need be, I'd much
> rather have company/support/help.

This patronizing attitude ("They'll get it eventually"
meaning, sooner or later idiots such as myself will awaken to
the brave leadership and wise counsel of K. Watson) is
characteristic of this person's apparent assumption that she
must be smarter than people who disagree with her. In
addition apparently she still feels she has the right to make
decisions which may affect the lives of others, regardless of
their objections. She has said that the risk is small (of
enabling regulatory legislation), but any risk is not
acceptable if she is increasing it, for me, without my
consent. Her cavalier disregard of this fundamental principle
suggests preconceptions of elitism and entitlement which are
extremely offensive.

When entering a new field of endeavor, it's usually wise to
learn the prior art so that one may profit by understanding
past successes and errors. Unfortunately this approach has
never been popular in cryonics, since the field tends to
attract people who have such a high opinion of themselves.

Billy Seidel is correct that attempts have been made to
promote cryonics by setting up booths at appropriate events.
However I suppose these attempts were doomed to failure since
they were made by lesser creatures who did not share KW's
personal charisma and proven ability to charm people.

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