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From: "Michael P. Read" <>
Subject: RE: CryoNet #23761: charming 
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 13:57:03 -0700


>addition apparently she still feels she has the right to make
>decisions which may affect the lives of others, regardless of
>their objections.

	Well, we all do that don't we?  Every decision I make affects
others atleast indirectly.  Every decision Alcor, CI, et al makes
affects its members and others directly or indirectly.  We are all aware
they have made decisions that some or most of us didn't like.  Are they
to be forbidden to make decisions and take action because it might
adversely affect the rest of us?  The freedom to act on one's own
rational judgment whether it is an individual or a group is a necessary
condition for human survival.  Yes, the stakes are higher here than in
the decisions I make in my personal life.  I'll grant that.  I still see
the principle as the same.  I'll even say the higher the stakes, the
more important it becomes.  Besides, she does have the right to speak
her mind regardless of what any of us might want.  We ought to be very
happy she has enough sense and the willingness to talk with the rest of
us before doing anything.  She didn't have to do that.

> She has said that the risk is small (of
>enabling regulatory legislation), but any risk is not
>acceptable if she is increasing it, for me, without my

	Every act entails risk.  I have my misgivings about what Kennita
wants to do.  I also have misgivings, as a member, about some of the
things Alcor does.  So, what?  The fact is none of us are omniscient.
None of us can see every possible consequence of this or any other
action any of us take.  Holding up the requirement that everything be
known in advance and accounted for is just plain not realistic.
(Incidentally, environmentalists make similar arguments when they oppose
any new technology.)  Uncertainty, in various degrees, exists and will
continue to exist.  Life is risk.

	The likely biggest risk here is legislation outlawing cryonics.
Well, that has already happened with the Stump bill.  Before that I
could see the argument of doing our best to remain "under the radar."
After the bill, that is simply not a valid tactic.  It makes no sense to
continue to sneak around when we've already been discovered.  It
actually looks kind of stupid and might even make us look dishonest.
Fortunately, Alcor saw that and got involved in the process to keep the
bill more rational.

>When entering a new field of endeavor, it's usually wise to
>learn the prior art so that one may profit by understanding
>past successes and errors.

	In K's defense, she did ask for input from any of us who had
experience in promoting cryonics.  Actually, if I recall correctly, she
wanted input from anyone willing to give it.

	I support Kennita's project.  I share the concerns that you and
others have expressed and I think they are valid.  But, in the present
context, I don't see the wisdom of trying to remain "below the radar."
That choice is now the riskier.  The other thing to remember is she is
going to do this whether we want her to or not.  So, let's help her
minimize risk and present cryonics in the best possible way.

	My suggestions (as a non-marketing/PR expert), which others (and
probably Kennita herself) have already likely brought up, to Kennita

	1.  Please do your best to make certain your booth is next to
others that are more "main stream" if that is possible.  Probably, the
worst place to be is next to the Frozen Dead Guy Shack.  That is a
picture I would not want to see in the paper.  Although, I would
probably find it funny at the same time ;)

	2.  Not say you are representing any particular cryonics
organization or even all of them equally.  But to just say you are
representing/promoting the concept.

	3.  If you use any literature from any particular person or
organization, you should "sanitize" it as appropriate if that is what
they want or if it would undermine the appearance of not promoting a
particular org.  That would eliminate "The ALCOR adventure."  If there
is an exception to my suggestion, that would be it.  Maybe other
cryo-orgs have their own movies as well.  I would probably have a TV/VCR
or TV/DVD playing that thing over and over.  Also, please don't include
any writings from one cryo-org attacking another in any way.

	4.  It might make sense to start your own pro-cryonics org.  You
could call it "Extended Life Foundation" or "ELF" ;)  Actually, the
Society for Venturism would be a likely better choice if I recall
correctly that they were willing to help you out.  But, I like the "ELF"
acronym ;)

Mike Read
Tempe, AZ, USA

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