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Subject: RE: Countering Misleading Statements and Hucksterism (Ref Message 
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 03:04:08 -0800

> Message #23770
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> Subject: Countering Misleading Statements and Hucksterism (Ref Message
> Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 01:41:10 -0700

[fragment of my post snipped]

> The above post was also concurrently placed on the sci.life-extension and
> sci.cryonics newsgroups. In all 3 locations for 10 days no one made a
> response. Paul Wakfer has now done so on those newsgroups with his usual
> direct and insightful manner, pointing out numerous misleading statements
> and highly exaggerated ones (hucksterism) within the organization's
> announcement and even moreso in the surrounding text by the poster.
> In addition, so that he cannot be criticized for merely finding fault
> without offering a solution, Paul has provided a rewritten version of the
> organization announcement that is emotionally sincere and moving
> while being factual and non-misleading.

One has to wonder what Paul Wakfer's "direct and insightful manner" would
make of the rest of my varied calls to action:


I like the rewritten version of the Three Hundred announcement, but think
that he is missing the forest for the trees in much of his criticism.

Founder, Longevity Meme

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