X-Message-Number: 23776
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 01:40:31 -0800
Subject: Project DeadGuy Progress Report
From: Kennita Watson <>

I called and spoke for quite a while today with Teresa
Warren, President of the Nederland Area Chamber of
Commerce.  She had been away for the past 10 days
de-pressurizing after the event, and hadn't gotten to
her email yet.

Highlights of the discussion:

The next Frozen Dead Guy Days are March 11-13, 2005.
It's always the second weekend in March, so the weather
is unpredictable.  It was pretty good this year and about
5000 people showed up.  The first year it was bad and
there were only about 1500.

They're just starting the planning for next year's event -- I
didn't ask for details and I won't expect any for a while.
She is very supportive of my coming and setting up a booth
at the Expo -- she has already been contacted by the

She gets email from Trygve (I think he forwards her some
email from these lists, but I didn't go into it).  That's probably
why she talked about a "cryogenics" booth -- that's what he
calls it on his Web pages.  Maybe that's a small way for us
to differentiate ourselves.

I brought up the possibility of having the booth somewhere
other than the Expo, and she said that the Expo was best
because it would have the most traffic.  She wasn't sure
where it would be, because the past few years (I think) it's
been in an empty store bay at the shopping center, but
that may or not be available in the future.  I mentioned
having tables elsewhere with literature, and that seemed to
be a possibility.

She noted that last year had quite a few Goth-type folks,
but this year was much more family-oriented, including
kids.  That makes the guys with beers less of an issue.

She suggested that I might want to have a speaker.  I
didn't say anything, but I think I may want to save trying
to recruit one for after we've been to an event and seen
how successful it is.  I imagine a "how we're different"
talk.  Depending how it goes, the year after that maybe
I could get someone from Foresight to come to talk
about nanotech -- "and here is the science that will make
it possible".

But I guess I'm getting ahead of myself here.  My next
talk with her will include a discussion of what size table
and/or display would be appropriate, and approximately
how much such a thing would cost.

Live long and prosper,
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
none but ourselves can free our minds.
           -- Bob Marley, "Redemption Song"

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