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Subject: Re: Cryonics
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Hello, Ron!

> This is a (TEST) to see if I have the correct E-Mail address? Please
> respond if your the person in ST.Petersburg,Would like to talk with you
> about Cryonics and How you got stated? I live in Hawaii and a memeber of
> C.I. Your friend Ron.
Yes, this is the correct e-mail. I am Danila Medvedev, I live in St. 
Petersburg, Russia and I am a member of CI as well.

I can't recall when I first read about some of the advanced future 
technologies (somewhere in the mid-1990s), but I recall that I really paid 
attention to them for the first time around autumn 2000, when I was 
working in Trigon Capital, a regional investment bank. Technological news 
were a hot topic at that moment, and we were really considering attracting 
investment for some Russian technology companies. Of course, nothing has 
ever come out of that, but it gave me an excuse to read up on tech news.

I always was a compulsive web-surfer, so one thing led to another... Tech 
news, nanotech, Drexler's "Engines of Creation", then cryonics. I was 
sold. :) Everything related to transhumanism (cryonics, Singularity, 
nanotech, etc.) was always very logical to me. Suddenly everything made 
sense and every little snippet of information fit in the big picture very 
well. Almost immediately I began translating "Prospect of Immortality" 
into Russian, I am not even sure if I fully read the book before starting 
the translation. :)

It was finished in a few months. In the meantime I was reading about other 
technologies and after starting I never actually stopped. :) I tried 
pitching the book to the publishers, but noone was interested 
(Fortunately, some Moscow cryonics advocates managed to find a sponsor and 
the book was finally published in Russian). I also realised that it would 
be the most logical thing to sing up for cryonics myself. Not everything 
worked out well, unfortunately. I became a member, but I couldn't get the 
insurance to finance the suspension policy, because long-term life 
insurance is virtually non-existant in Russia (I would have to pay about 
10 times more than I would in the US. Factor in much lower incomes as 

Here is briefly how I got started in cryonics.

Best regards,
Danila                          mailto:

Today, through the accelerating pace of technological development
and scientific understanding, we are entering a whole new stage
in the history of the human species.

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