X-Message-Number: 23796
Date: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 14:39:13 -0800
From: Mathew Sullivan <>
Subject: Alcor members, please re-subscribe to Alcor News

As a result of rushing to use Alcor News as a means to contact members we 
were unable to restore the distribution list to its former state after the 
addition of hundreds of our members.  Our only option to restore the 
distribution to something similar to its previous state was to remove all 
the email addresses that had been added.  The understandable consequence 
was the deletion of Alcor member email addresses from the Alcor News 
distribution list that had already been subscribed.  So if you are a member 
who had already subscribed to Alcor News, please do so again; anyone else 
who is interested and not already subscribed may do so as well.  A new 
distribution list shell is now being set up for future use by Alcor if 
necessary called the "Alcor Bulletin."  The new distribution list will 
allow Alcor to contact members via email without interfering with any of 
our current distribution lists.  Please keep Alcor informed of any changes 
to your contact information so we can keep our database up to date; your 
life may depend upon it.

Subscription link for Alcor news:

Our apology for any inconvenience,

Mathew Sullivan
Alcor Foundation

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