X-Message-Number: 23798
From: "Omnedon" <>
Subject: Funeral Board and Bureaucracy
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 00:34:13 -0600

Although I have been on the Cryonet list for several years, I may have
missed the answer to these questions.  So if these are redundant, feel free
to email me privately:

* How are the members of the AZ Funeral Board selected?  Are cryonicists
eligible?  If not, could present Funeral Board members be co-opted/educated
to advantage?

* Is there some way to install an oversight committee of cryonics
specialists within this organization?  Surely such a 'solution' would appeal
to some bureaucrats.  In this way, they can feel happy that they have
regulated yet another activity (as if it were needed), and cryonics could be
relatively protected.  Funding could be provided by relevant cryonics
facilities, instead of AZ taxpayers.  Or perhaps the committee would consist
of non-paid members.

I am not (yet) an Alcor member, and I do not live in AZ.  However, what
happens to Alcor, I believe, is likely to have an effect beyond Arizona.
Bureaucrats love precedent.


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