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April 1, 2004

To All Alcor Members and Supporters,

I want to announce to you that I just received word that Representative
Stump has decided to withdraw his bill for this legislative session.

For those of you who are on the Advisory Board you already know that the
Alcor negotiating team submitted a striker amendment to HB 2637 last Monday
in the first stakeholder meeting with Senator Leff and senate staffers.
Senator Leff was quite pleased with the balanced nature of our amendments
and accepted them almost in their entirety as compromise legislation.
Senator Leff handed off our striker language to the senate staffers to draft
and add additional language to address concerns expressed by the Funeral
Directors Association and Organ Procurement organizations. Upon receipt of
the draft language, it was disseminated to the Alcor advisors for input,
with which we further modified the senate draft in preparation for the next

Yesterday, a second stakeholder meeting was held at which we presented our
modified version of the senate draft. Representative Stump also brought a
modified version of his original bill which had been passed by the House.
After negotiating the merits of the two proposals over a two hour period,
the meeting concluded with the intention of reconvening on Monday for a
final stakeholder meeting. As it stands right now, there is no longer a need
for that final meeting.

There are still a few administrative hurdles to overcome at the legislature.
For example, there is always the possibility that another member of the
senate could attach HB 2637 to another bill and run a striker. Although I
think this possibility is remote, it is still a possibility. We will be
watchful as the session winds to a close.

At this point I suggest we all step back, take a well deserved breather, (I
know I certainly need one as it was recently pointed out, and rightly so). I
cannot emphasize strongly enough how fortunate I feel to have such a strong
team in Barry Aarons and Tanya Jones assisting me on a daily basis. In
addition, I cannot express enough thanks for the generous and thought
provoking input from our board of directors and advisors, most of which lead
our thinking in constructing the striker amendment.

The grassroots support from our membership and supporters that poured out in
such forceful torrents certainly put us on the map, if not only in the
hearts and minds of the legislature. Special recognition needs to go to the
Life Extension Foundation and Immortality Institute.  They contacted
thousands of their supporters to help generate the strong email, phone, and
fax campaign that was urgently requested when the bill went to the House.
Thank you! Any organization with such a vocal and active membership is
worthy of serious consideration by government.

Finally, I want to devote my closing statement to Representative Linda
Lopez. Her support of Alcor will go down in history as nothing short of
legendary. Her performance on the floor of the House of Representatives was
masterful. Against overwhelming odds she stood her ground and articulated
her arguments with precision, knowledge, and genuine conviction for what she
believed was right. I've never admired an elected official as much as I
admire Linda Lopez.

If I left anyone out of my acknowledgements, it was done accidentally and I
offer my apologies. I wish I could name all of the people who helped make
this possible. If I did this message would contain thousands of names.
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all that you've done. 

Joe Waynick 
Alcor Life Extension Foundation 

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