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> Subject: Re encoded memory
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> A friend told me recently that he does not think there is much sense in
> cryonics because long-term memory is not copied but re encoded every time
> the memory is recalled. Every time it is re encoded it is changed. According
> to him if you live long enough you will not have any original memories.
> I will do literature research myself but hope he is wrong.
> Basie

Then your friend will not care if you kill him right now, since there is no 
point to living one year longer or ten years longer or fifty years longer.  

Now, moving away from sarcasm -- I've read a couple of books on centenarians 
(people over 100 years old).  They all seem to be happy to be who they are 
after 100 years.  They just wish they were healthier.  I don't see that living 
for 500 years or more will be different.  The point of his argument has no 
validity at all, whether or not it is technically true.

Your friend is just taking the easy way out of an argument and is avoiding 
real thinking.  It makes no difference to cryonics if he is right or not.  No 

change in memory creation will take place while in cryonic suspension.  Even if
his supposition (certainly not "knowledge") is correct, whatever changes occur 
for a revived cryonicist will take place at the same rate as for any other 
human being.  So what?  At the worst, we'll still be human and still be alive, 
healthy, and growing.  He thinks being dead is better?

Steve Bridge

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