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Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 11:44:34 EDT
Subject: re  post 23800

Memory occurs in stages.  The "flash" memory from a quick glance at anything 
is rewitten continously and only exists in membrane potentials.  Short-term 

memory is slightly more durable and is the platform that Long-term memories are
drawn from.  You "defreg" your short term memory with REM sleep and many of 
your "dreams " are a purging of damaged or unused files (of course integrated 
with consciousness). Long-term memory is structural, slightly volatile, and 

cumulative.  Frozen planaria maintain pattern recognition once thawed.  I'm sure
most of our long-term memory will be preserved, as long as damage didn't 

precede complete cryogenic preservation.  My biggest concern is how much damage
occurs prior to freezing.  We infrequently die suddenly and usually undergo an 
extensive degenerative process that destroys our organs and poisons brains.  

Strokes and plaques damage the structure of the brain.  It would be good to live
where (when) you could initiate the process before the inevitable damage.
James R Hughes, MD, PhD

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