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From: "George Dvorsky" <>
Subject: Toronto >H Social this Saturday Apr. 10
Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 15:06:40 -0400

Eager to meet Toronto area Transhumanists? Would you like to debate the 
Singularity over a sambuca? How about a discussion of human enhancement and 
a plate of natchos? Shall we bemoan Bill C-6 over a Guinness?

The Toronto Transhumanist Association invites you to attend a Meet-and-Greet 
this Saturday April 10, 2004 at the Red Room. We'll get started around 8:30 
PM. Our table will have a copy of Ray Kurzweil's shiny book, "The Age of 
Spiritual Machines" on it. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Red Room
444 Spadina Avenue
ph: 416-929-9964
time: 8:30PM

Drop me a line to let me know you're coming: 

George P. Dvorsky
Chair, TransVision 2004 Organizing Committee

President, Toronto Transhumanist Association

Deputy Editor, Betterhumans

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