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From: "michaelprice" <>
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Subject: Axioms are not truths
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 10:42:10 +0100

David Pizer
> Michael C. Price said:
>> David Pizer's sig said:
>>> Something cannot come from nothing.
>> Who says?  
>> This is not something logic can answer, only experiment.
> My reply:  Only logic can answer this.  
> And it is a bottom logical truth 

"bottom logical truth"?  Are we talking axioms?

Logical truths can be demonstrated by series of steps
from choosen set of axioms.  Please demonstrate your 

> - no explanation is needed nor is possible, 

In which case it is not a logical truth.  Perhaps
you have adopted it as an axiom of faith.
That's your choice.  That does not make it true.

> you either see it as logically true or you don't.

Sounds like an axiom, not a "logical truth".  Axioms
are not truths.  Different choices of axiom bases are

> Logic also tells us that you can't experiment on nothing.

Demonstrate that claim, logically or empirically, 
if you expect others to take it seriously.
> David

Michael C Price

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