X-Message-Number: 23831
Date: Thu,  8 Apr 2004 21:14:19 +1000
From: Simon Carter <>
Subject: Re CryoNet message 23824: What can I do about memories

In CryoNet message 23824, http://www.cryonet.org/cgi-bin/dsp.cgi?msg=23824, Rafi
Haftka said:

> ... for me the question is not whether cryonics is worthwhile because
> memories are ephemeral and fickle. The question is what do I do to
> maximize the memory connection that I have with my present self.
> I tried keeping a diary, but I lack the patience.
> Any suggestions?

I wouldn't worry too much about not keeping a diary Rafi (I too lack the
patience!). Paper seems much too fragile a medium for long term archival use.
Most diaries will have disintegrated or otherwise been destroyed within a few
decades. Computer media such as tapes and disks seem even worse.

You raise an interesting issue and I don't know the answer - what do others

BTW - I assume you've made arrangements with a cryonics provider - its no use
having your diary survive a few hundred years if you're not around to use it!

Long life,


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