X-Message-Number: 23832
From: "Michael P. Read" <>
Subject: RE: CryoNet #23828 Ask Rep. Lopez to propose legislation?
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 11:53:09 -0700


>I don't know who on the Alcor staff reads this. To whom
>would I appeal to have Alcor draft legislation that
>Representative Lopez could propose on the floor of the
>legislature, as a preemptive strike against anything that
>Representative Stump might want to propose?

	I would say contact Joe Waynick (Alcor CEO) or their lobbyist
Barry Aarons.  I generally go to the board meetings and I was at the
health committee hearing.  I remember them or someone else bringing your
idea up more than once.  It's a great idea and they are probably working
with Lopez to do that.  You can get contact info at www.alcor.org

Mike Read

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