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From: "John Bull" <>
Subject: Credit due
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 15:29:03 -0400

I would like to expand a little on Ben Best's report of the successful
transfer of American Cryonics Society's patients from the Critical Care
Research facility to the Cryonics Institute's facility. At times it was a
hazardous job, (no one ever climbed out of a cryostat with LN2 in it.) It
was successful because of the diligence and hard work of a number of
individuals. The first one who comes to mind is Andy Zawacki. They say no
man is indispensable, but in my book, when it comes to cryonics, he comes
pretty close. Also deserving a lot of credit are Chris Dougherty and Mike
Quinn, from Suspended Animation, who both flew in from South Florida, and
Mark Connaughton, who was part of the CryoSpan team  that placed the
patients in the capsule a number of years ago.  The driving teams for the
two trucks were Andy and his friend Dan Wilson in one truck and John Day,
representing ACS's interests and myself in the other.

While our physical contributions were minimal, sitting in a bumpy truck for
12 or 13 hours can get rather boring. At one point we thought Nebraska would
never come to an end!  We were only in Michigan a few hours when Mike Quinn
showed up again, having flown up from south Florida. He was a big help to
Andy and Dave Fulcher in removing the patients from the transport tanks and
placing them  in CI's cryostats which must be at least 12 feet high. They
started about 8:30 PM and finished around 11:00PM.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks to the Critical Care Research
people at the California end, for their help and hospitality.

A more detailed report and some photos will be in the next Immortalist.
John Bull



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