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Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 16:08:29 +1000
From: Simon Carter <>

Subject: Re: CryoNet #23841: comments re some Cryonet 9 April msgs [Thomas 
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In CryoNet message #23841 'comments re some Cryonet 9 April msgs', Thomas
Donaldson said (in part):

> A few comments on the 9th April Cryonet:
> For Simon Carter:
> It's great to see you participating.

Thanks! We try!

> However one major point in my own
> recent message on memory was that in normal cases we should not be
> disturbed because we can't remember EVERYTHING that happened to us
> in detail. Seriously, where's the problem?

I take your point Thomas. As an analogy, I've got more physical 'memories' than
I know what to do with and its high time for a visit to the tip. All those
newspapers and magazines!

> If someone on Cryonet
> is suffering serious memory problems, I'd suggest that he consult the
> Life Extension Society for access to doctors familiar with such
> problems. (A serious memory problem is one in which you forget material
> important to you). Our identity does not consist of our memories alone.
> I pay so much attention to memory in PERIASTRON because we don't yet
> know how it works, not because it's the only factor involved in our
> identity.

Long life,


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