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Subject: timely words
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 15:23:12 -0700

The biggest cryonics disaster of all!

Thomas said:

"And I'll say a bit more about the fate of cryonics, itself, too:
we've already seen some cryonics societies fail. Even if ALL 
cryonics societies existing now fail, and we all end up dying
needlessly, the idea is not one that will go away."

In the comming issue of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY there is an excellent and very 
interesting article about the biggest failure of any cryonics company ---  what 
we often refer to as "The Chattsworth Disaster" where frozen bodies were allowed
to defrost and rot.  Read an exclusive and in-depth interview with their 
president, Bob Nelson, who discusses the matter and gives his opinion of why 
this was allowed to happen.  When Mike and I interviewed him (mostly Mike) we 
pulled no punches when we asked questions.

I would like to say in advance of this article that after the interview and we 
published the first part of it, their past Vice President, Fred Chamberlain, was
very upset with the interview.  We offered Fred a chance to also tell his side 
of the story but he declined.   That offer still stands.  We do include some 
comments by Art Quaife about the tragedy in this issue.   If anyone else has 
information about the Chattsworth disaster please contact Mike Perry and send 
him your comments.

If you are already a subscriber, we will be mailing the second quarter (2004) 
issue in a week.  Otherwise you can go to your favorite bookstore and try to 
order it or you may find it in stock.  Or, you can send $24 for a year's 
subscription to The Venturists,  11255 State Route 69, Mayer Arizona  86333.


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