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Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 09:25:45 EDT
Subject: NEW Cryonics client in Nederland, CO

Good Morning, Fellow Cryoneters,

This is Rudi Hoffman, writing from Port Orange, FL.

I have on my desk to process this morning a new cryonics life insurance 

application from a software quality control supervisor who lives in Colorado.  I
did not realize he was from Nederland in our previous correspondence, but this 
is on the application.  Of course, until he chooses to disclose his name or 

contact data, propriety and professionalism prevent me from providing this here.

But I plan on calling or emailing him today, to let him know application 
arrived safely and tell him he did a great job filling out application.  And I 
will ask him if he was motivated to sign up with ALCOR as a function of the 
"Frozen Dead Guy Festival" in Nederland. 

At the risk (LOL) of regenerating the FGDF controversy on Cryonet, this could 
be an important and significant new data point, hard data on the 

possibilities of marketing legitimate and "mainstream" cryonics related to 
(loosely) the 

FDGF.  Will keep you informed as I can within appropriate disclosure of related
information regarding awareness and motivation of new client.

This could mean, to paraphrase Neil Armstrong, "One small hard data point for 
man, One GIANT POINT for Kennita"  LOL!

Rudi Hoffman CFP CLU

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