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Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 06:34:15 -0700
Subject: "Grandpa's Still In the Tuff Shed" review
From: Kennita Watson <>


As I promised:

I enjoyed "Grandpa's Still In the Tuff Shed".  A little over an
hour long, it gives a little of the flavor of Nederland, CO --
iconoclastic, eccentric, and eclectic, with mostly friendly people.

Dramatis Personae: (I may have missed a couple of names):
Clay Evans -- ebullient reporter from the Boulder Daily
	Camera; convinced that if Grandpa is brought back,
	it will be with mush for brains (not clear if he thinks
	that would be true with any technique, and he apparently
	doesn't get cloning).
Bryan Evans -- Mayor; friendly, a little overwhelmed
Ted Lesondak -- Marshall; professional and reserved
Scotty Graves -- Deputy; expressive and amused
Amy Bayless -- Police Commissioner and "ghostbuster"
Tom Hendricks -- gold miner;  "Life is fun!"
Carol Burt -- Trygve's friend
Robert Corcoran -- Trygve's friend
Shirley Filer -- Trygve's neighbor; sour, doesn't seem to
	like life much
David Harrison -- Trygve's lawyer; seemed supportive, but can
	you really tell with a lawyer?
Barbara Lawler -- Nederland Mountain-Ear; did poll of
	readers that tended towards favorable
Paul Danish -- Boulder Commissioner
Bo Shaffer -- Planetary Ecologist; the man who brings
	dry ice to the Tuff Shed every 3 weeks, and other stuff
	from time to time
Toasty Post -- Nederland resident; does contests for
	FDGD, but seems against cryonics in general

GSITTS talks about Trygve and the polar bear club he
started near Nederland, then about his being chased by
the INS and deported.  Then came the saga of Grandpa,
starting with discovering him after Trygve had already been
deported back to Norway, and the legal battle to keep him
frozen.  There was talk of him being thawed, but the
warmest Bo mentioned him getting was 20 degrees (F) --
too warm, but still frozen.

Clay pointed out that what happened in the film is what
happens whenever anything new comes along:  first people
are afraid of it, then they get used to it, then they embrace
it.  With Grandpa Bredo, the kicker was all the money that
the FDGD brought into the town.

Some of the people in the film think that Grandpa is now
a ghost, and they're fine with that -- I'd like to ask if they
think he'll go back to his body if he's rejuvenated, and what
they'd think if there were two or three hundred of him.

Overall, the film made the FDGD look fun but not
ridiculous, and Grandpa look a little spooky but not
dangerous at all.  You can order your own copy from
Village Video
<http://nederlandchamber.org/members/VillageVideo.htm> ,
 or (303) 258-7007.

Maybe I can show my copy at an Alcor meeting sometime?

Live long and prosper,
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
none but ourselves can free our minds.
           -- Bob Marley, "Redemption Song"


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