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Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 08:09:33 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
From: "Billy H. Seidel" <>
Subject: A new Video

Kennita, you said.

>Billy -- you'd been saying it was time for you to do another film.  If
>you did a documentary that could be entered in the next FDGD
>film contest and shown elsewhere, this new client could make a
>great hook (if he's willing).

Sorry Kennita, but I would not do any VIDEO, not film, about the FDGD.  I do
not do Ghost things or comedy.  I do mini documentary's and try for
integrity and honesty in what I present.  I am not saying that FDGD lacks
these qualities.  FDGD, I think has been beaten to death with video and film
  Nothing new there.  I have stated before that I would be disappointed if
ALCOR or any other reputable cryonics organization were to be, in any way,
connected with FDGD.  It is hard enough to present cryonic suspension in a
credible way to an uninformed audience.

The other problems are money, script, time, production crew and the list
goes on. I see no way to finance this project.  I can't, can you?

Here are a few facts about the ALCOR adventure video: 
35 people directly involved one way or another
55 e-mails.
25 pages of scripts and re-writes.
5 hours for Gregory Prentiss. 
200 hours for Billy H. Seidel.

Gregory Prentiss actually spent more time and so did Fred and Linda
Chamberlain. You can not just go out and make a video.  I hope you can now
see some of the problems now.

I invite comments from other folks on what they would expect from a new

Billy H. Seidel


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