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The new issue of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY has some pretty interesting articles.   
Here is a brief review of what to expect:

Some news about Suspended Animation by David Shumaker.

An article about the 1976 Life magazine article that originally had an article 
that was about cryonics, but the presses were stopped and the article replaced 
when the Apollo disaster happened.  There are only a limited number of the 
original magazines that got printed with the cryonics article in it - very few 
exist today.  The Venturists recently purchased (for our library) two copies of 
the rare magazine at the cost of $135 each.  We can only speculate on how the 
cryonics movement might have been different if the original issues had been 
printed and sent out to all Life subscribers?? Nice article by John Grigg.

Mike Perry has an article about the freezing before Bedford.  Find out why we 
say Dr. Bedford was the first *man* frozen.

The center-piece of the magazine is an interview of Bob Nelson the past 
president of the defunct Cryonics Society of California.  Find out why Bob 
Nelson thinks that company went out of business and led to one of the biggest 
disasters in cryonics.    Who were the patients?  Learn the names and 
information on the nine patients that were allowed to become unfrozen.  Who were
the officers of Cryonics Society of California?  What happened?

There is also an article by Art Quaife on the subject.

"The Tipping Point" by Chrissie de Rivaz -  is this the phrase that will replace
"Wake up call?"

Book review by Thomas Donaldson  reviews "Going inside: A tour Round a Single 
Moment of Consciousness" by John  McCrone.   Interesting work on consciousness 
and memory, view of reductionism and dynamism.  

Do cryonicists freeze dead people or ?  Comments by Brent Fox.

The cover honors James Bedford the first *man* frozen.  he was frozen by Nelson 
and had the good fortune to escape the Chattsworth disaster.  

For those of you who would like to know more about the history of the life 
extension movement this issue will really please you!

A special thank you to the Life Extension Foundation.  

David  Pizer

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