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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 18:21:54 EDT
Subject: Re: Third time's a charm on reprinting Dr. Francis Crick Letter

Hello, Cryoneters,

Sorry my previous postings did not post.  Will hereby try again, with "copy 
and paste" protocol.

The following was sent to Dr. Francis Crick, co-discover of the DNA Double 
Helix.  So far, just in electronic form.  Letter, (hopefully, darnit) follows:

Hello, Dr. Crick,

My name is Rudi Hoffman.  I want to help you preserve the unique brain 
pattern that makes up "you."

And do this as a collaboration and scientific experiment.

Here is the scientific proposal:  

Cryonics is the developing (although admittedly speculative) science of 
preserving your brain and body pattern down to the molecular level, in hopes a 
future technology will have the means/mechanism to "resuscitate" you.  

Currently this is only available immediately after "death," ideally within 

seconds of the "pronouncement," while brain pattern remains intact.  With proper
cooling protocols there is substantial evidence that patterns are stable for 
30 minutes or more with cooling and interventions to reduce warm ischemia.   

You and your research staff no doubt know this in greater technical detail than

The protocol done by ALCOR technicians for full body suspension is currently 
$120,000.  I am not a technician, or even an ALCOR staff member.  Instead I am 
an ALCOR member with no vested interest other than the credibility and 
research funding this cooperation could bring.

I believe, Dr. Crick, that if you were interested, I could persuade the ALCOR 
staff and board to provide for you a suspension at no cost.  For the 
scientific validity and public relations value of the affiliation.

So, here is the offer in a nutshell.  You, like many scientists and most 
cryonicists including myself, are a scientific materialist/reductionist who is 
unabashed about saying that our sense of self is in our brain pattern.  

I propose that you sign up for cryonics with ALCOR Life Extension Foundation. 
 And do so in a public manner that will enhance the credibility and 

scientific reputation of ALCOR and the developing field of cryonics.  And I 
believe I 
can arrange that the cost, normally $120,000 born by a separate life insurance 
policy, be waived for the world famous researcher Dr. Crick.  

I would expect you and your research staff to investigate fully all aspects 
of ALCOR and cryonics prior to considering this offer.  And I must emphasis 

that this offer is provisional, and I have not obtained authorization from ALCOR
to do this in your case.  Although I do have previously obtained authorization 
for some other high profile candidates, including Dr. Arthur C. Clarke and 
William Shatner.

I honor the astonishing work you have done and are continuing to do, Dr. 
Crick.  It would be an honor to be a part of the process that may allow you to 
take advantage of the breakthroughs you have made, and save your own life and 
valuable consciousness.

Sincerely and Respectfully Yours,

Rudi Hoffman CFP CLU

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