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Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 18:26:43 EDT
Subject: Celebrity Signup Project, Your help and input requested


This is Rudi.  I posted this a day or so ago, but it did not print.  A bunch 
of you were kind enough to email me personally with requests for reposting, 
and protocols to copy and paste, don't just forward text.

Letter follows:
In a message dated 4/19/2004 4:03:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> 3.  Yes, the list SHOULD be expanded.  It just takes time, effort, and 
> focus.  And ideally a team or group with the ALCOR sanction to extend 
> the offer.  Will keep you in the loop re: this.

This could be a good place for ImmInst to step in and help. I can bring 
together a handful of reliable
people via ImmInst into a private forum and you may find it helpful to 
delegate.  This is how we've been
successful with the Book Project and the Cryonics Letter.  

Dear Bruce Klein, Joe Waynick, and Whom it May Concern:

Heck yes, I accept!  Competent help is always a joy.  Here are the issues, as 
I see them now:

1.  A few years back, I had a disk bought off Ebay that had current and 

accurate celebrity names and addresses.  I no longer have this, and it would be
dated if I did have it.  

2.  Someone needs to comb google or search engines to replicate or find such 
a resource.  The disk (which was a 3.5 floppy...give you an idea of how old it 
was) was surprisingly cheap.  Ten bucks, I think.  I will buy it if it is 
pretty cheap, just to help the process.

3.  We need to brainstorm and develop consensus as to who we are targeting.  
Someone on this committee needs to be ALCOR authorized to say, "Yea, this 
person has a high enough profile that we are willing to either absorb cost of 
suspending him out of THEN current funds (hopefully far future actual cost 

outlay), or pay for a policy on his life to offset cost of suspension when it 

4.  Joe Waynick, the current CEO of ALCOR, is a great guy, from all reports.  
But he is also reportedly and based on writings I have seen from him a 

"fiscal conservative" related to ALCOR.  Very prudent, of course, and I applaud

this.  He would have to see that this is a program that would more than pay for
itself through additional signups. 

5.  This idea, the "Celebrity signup" is a decidedly not new idea.  But this 
distinction now is that we have some sharp people who may be willing to step 

up to the plate and help promote it.  I would be willing to be the point person
and help lead the charge on this idea, but my time is ridiculously stretched 
due to some issues not relevant here.  

6.  Dilettantes and idea pushers have always been a dime a dozen regarding 
cryonics marketing.  What is perhaps new is we don't have someone saying "Hey, 
you cryonics guys are pretty stupid about marketing.  What YOU ought to do is 

...." followed by the arrogant and misguided notion that no one ever thought of
their brilliant idea in thirty years of very smart people being associated 
with cryonics.

There are periodic outbreaks of this "marketing dilettantism" on Cryonet.  

7.  Here is a start of our Dream List:  (We will leave off my FAVORITE 
because it is too late, dammit, to freeze CARL SAGAN.)

Ann Druyan Sagan (Carl's Wife.)
William Shatner ("Captain Kirk")
Leonard Nimoy (Spock)
Adrian Paul (Plays "The Immortal")
Arthur C. Clarke
Dr. Francis Crick, Co-discover of DNA, world's foremost consciousness 

researcher, unabashed in his materialistic views, currently age 87 with cancer.
William Gates
Paul Allan (Current Microsoft CEO)
George Soros (anti NRA guy whose politics I don't like, but still a hitter.)
Warren Buffet (Who said "Why not" to cryonics question at last shareholder 
meeting.  We have some cryonicists who know him.)
Arnold Schartzeneger (Slogan, "I'LL BE BAAACK!")
Kurt Russell (Self described Libertarian, individualist.)
Penn and Teller (Skeptics, "Bullshit" debunkers, have a great series on HBO, 
well known magicians and religion and fraud debunkers.)

James,"The Amazing" Randi, Perhaps the world's best known debunker of 

charlatans and cheats, world class magician and escape artist.  Who I personally

talked with about Cryonics at his 70th birthday party.  Fairly interested, but 
did not follow through.  Wasn't negative about it.

Michael Shermer, who I ALSO talked to personally about cryonics, and was 

reasonably open minded.  Knows some cryonicists.  Knows it is normally funded 
life insurance.  And then writes a negative and mean spirited article 

referencing cryonics in Scientific American.  (Including misrepresenting the 
which he KNEW better about, because we'd talked about how cheap a policy would 
be for him.)

I will stop here for now.  But I think this is good start.  

I have just spoken with Jennifer Chapman regarding "Celebrity Cryonics Signup 
Project."  She is supportive, but agrees we need to have the imprinteur of 
the CEO Joe Waynick.  Even if he approves it conceptually and then delegates 
actual detail follow through to ALCOR staff or volunteer person.  Dr. Jerry 

Lemler would be great, and my preference, as a great person to work with on 

Yours for Preservation of Individual Lives,  And Effective Public Relations 
Coup worth millions in cost effective positive publicity,

Rudi Hoffman CFP CLU

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