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Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 18:10:03 -0400
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Subject: Rudi Hoofman and Dr. Crick

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In 23947, Rudi Hoffman proposed attempting to get "free" storage at Alcor for 
Dr. Crick who discovered the double-helix basis of DNA.

I believe it was in the Science Section of the New York Times just this past 
Tuesday which published an article/interview with Dr. Crick.

In that article, Dr. Crick described his belief that we were all composed of 
nothing more than the network of nerves which ran throughout our body "even down
to our intestines".

This statement which included our entire neural network as a definition as to 
what constituted our personality seemed to put Dr. Crick on the "entire body" 
side of the cryonics debate.

I personally sympathize with that concept since I can't imagine being revived 
without this old familar body of mine, right down to the neural network which 
reaches into my intestines.

Does Alcor generally separate the head from the body like the procedure that 
caused so much controversy with Ted Williams body?

From reading and discussions I gather that the best cryonic treatment requires 
different treatment of the head but I am not clear on whether this always 
requires tghe head to be separated from the body.

Cloningly yours,
For eternal life,

Randolfe Wicker
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