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Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 09:49:51 EDT
Subject: deanimation

Mr. Mole mentions deanimation and Oregon as sometimes allowing euthanasia. My 
own plans, probably in the not distant future, are along the following lines.

In Michigan suicide is not illegal, although assisting in a suicide is. Also, 
in hospice programs the red tape is much reduced. It should only be necessary 
to persuade the medical examiner, in advance, to have a representative on 

hand when requested, to pronounce death, after assuring himself that the patient
is competent, and waive autopsy. Everything could be set up for the cryonics 
team to go to work immediately.

To prepare the way, it might be useful to mount a campaign to educate the 
public not only as to the potential benefits to the patient, but also to the 
families and public. If the last weeks or months of painful and degrading 

deterioration can be avoided, suffering by patients and family will be reduced. 
there is the money saved by the taxpayers.

Recently I spent two days in the hospital. That cost the taxpayers almost 
$14,000. (It also cost me $7.50, seven dollars and fifty cents.) Meanwhile, 

Medicaid is being cut back. (I don't use Medicaid; I use Medicare and Blue 

with VA also available, all paid for by the taxpayers, my Blue Cross being paid
by the state of Michigan because I am a retired teacher.) Many voters are 
likely to believe that this money would be better spent on Medicaid, which is 
being cut back to save money and effectively denying much medical help to poor 
people, especially poor young people. 

I will never go voluntarily into a nursing home. When it looks like I can no 
longer take care of myself, it's see you later alligator.  

Most of my projects will have to wait until reanimation, if they are then 

still relevant. Perhaps the only two projects realistically in the offing now 
to finish a version of Youniverse and break ground for voluntary deanimation. 
I'll probably need some help with the latter.

Robert Ettinger

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