X-Message-Number: 23977
References: <>
From: Steve Jackson <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #23964 - #23971
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 12:16:01 -0500

I think the rating system is a good idea. In the long run we will see 
more things like this, on and offline . . . systems will be developed 
to let us easily check the peer-judged reputations of others.

It could certainly be smoothed out. Right now there are too many clicks 
required. I don't think the separate SUBMIT confirmation screen is 
necessary. And after I rate message N, a new window opens when I start 
to rate message N+1. It would be better if the rating system used a 
single window for a whole session, to avoid clutter.

The window does not need to be NEARLY as big as it is, and everything 
else being equal, right-sized windows are always best.

The long ID is a potential problem; we'll see if my system actually 
remembers it next time.

Overall I do not find Cryonet worth reading right now, so I just scan 
the digest contents for anything that sounds interesting or is from a 
poster I know to be informative. If I don't see anything obviously 
attractive in the contents list, I hit DELETE. I hate doing this, since 
I'm very interested in cryonics, but so many of the posts here are 
off-topic, flamage, or just deeply confused that regular reading of the 
whole digest was depressing . . . An improvement in the quality of 
discourse would be welcome.

But in support of this initiative I read all the way through this time, 
and rated everything. (Would have looked at this issue anyway, because 
it has Nanogirl News!)

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