X-Message-Number: 23979
From: "Bryan Hall" <>
Subject: CryoNet Status / Drexler website
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 00:31:32 -0700

I think CryoNet is set up fine now - in terms of administrative aspects. The 
quality and usefulness of CryoNet is entirely up to the participates. 

I skim the digest every morning. If I see a post from someone who's posts I've 
valued before I read it. For instance, I think that Charles Platt, Steve Bridge,
and "Flavonoid" almost always say something informative.

If I see political spam, repeated advertisements to other discussions groups, or
philosophy discussions, I just quickly skip over it. These don't annoy me much,
but certainly don't interest me either.


Eric Drexler has a new website:

It includes some cool molecular machine animations.

I think the site is fairly new and suspect it will expand over time. Something 
to bookmark.


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