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Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 14:59:20 -0400
From: randolfe wicker <>
Subject: Not being able to rate your own post

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Not being able to rate your own posting is like being a candidate in an election
in which you are banned from voting.

But, getting beyond scoring funny points, I find the rating system totally 
changes the CryoNet experience.  You rate a posting and then look at the total 
categories others have chosen.  It is a cross between rosach tests, mind 
reading, political polling and tarot cards all rolled into one.

If you find nearly everyone else shared your feelings, you feel reassured. you 
feel like you "belong".  But if you find you are the only one who rated a 
message like 23973, which simply answer a question about what PNAC meant, as 
"normal" while everyone else thought it was off-topic, boring, flamebait, etc., 
you feel like "odd man out".

I hope this rating system doesn't transform cryonet into some sort of "American 
Idol" ego competition in which posters become more concerned with "winning the 
ratings war" than they are in raising perhaps unpopular ideas (like my own "I'd 
settle for cloning" statements) and then defending them.

I like to think of cryonet as a university of the mind rather than an internet 
version of "Survivor".

Cloningly yours,
For posters right to vote,

Randolfe Wicker

Founder, Clone Rights United Front, www.clonerights.com 
Spokesperson, Reproductive Cloning Network, www.reproductivecloning.net
Advisor, The Immortality Institute, www.imminst.org
Special Correspondent, www.stemcellsclub.com 
phone: 201-656-3280

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