X-Message-Number: 23995
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 12:45:32 -0400
Subject: Happy Birthday, Mike Darwin

Today, on the occasion of Mike Darwin's 49th (I think) birthday, I want to 
publicly wish him a Happy Birthday.  While Mike has had his ups and downs in the
cryonics community, we all owe him a big thanks for all of the work he has done
in cryonics over the past 30 years.  Mike was the President of Alcor from 
1982-1987 and an Alcor employee for another four years after that.  If Mike had 
not energized Alcor in 1982, it might have remained forever a small discussion 
group.  Which might have meant no CryoNet, among many other developments over 
the years.

Over his 30 years in cryonics, Mike directly brought in dozens of members, 
including me, who themselves brought in many other members and leaders.  I met 
Mike at a science fiction club party in 1976 and have been at least waist-deep 
in cryonics ever since (and past my eyebrows more than once).  He remains one of
the most interesting and inspirational people I have ever met.  And if we can 
get this life-saving enterprise to actually work, I will have the chance to be 
eternally (or at least, "indefinitely") grateful to him.

Steve Bridge

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