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From: "David Pizer" <>
Subject: Not the first case like this
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 16:53:52 -0700

Ben Best reported:
     "An elderly CI Member who died of coronary artery disease at the
end of March was cremated by a cousin who had signed a 
Consent/Release form for cryonic suspension. Because the
Member was cremated rather than cryopreserved, the cousin
will inherit the money that would have gone for cryopreservation. 
More details can be found in the upcoming issue of THE IMMORTALIST."

This not the first case of this type by far.  I remember Alcor had a member who 
committed suicide and his father did not tell us until months later.

There is a story about a man in very early cryonics who left a large estate.  He
put in his will that his children could not get their shares of his estate 
until the man was in suspension.  The man was frozen, the children got their 
shares, then had the man unfrozen and got the cryonics money back

Stories like these are why the Venturists are going to create a retirement 
community for people to come retire and live among like-minded cryonicists.  We 
are waiting for more capital.  If I have to underwrite this community all by 
myself it will be started in two to four years.  (waiting on proceeds from sale 
of real estate).  If others of means want to participate it might get started 
sooner.   I will expect it to make a reasonable return on the investments of the
developers.  Private investment capital will be used for the development and 
construction of the real property and the community will be managed by the 
non-profit Society for Venturism, which I hope will eventually be able to buy 
out the initial investors.


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