X-Message-Number: 2402
From: whscad1!kqb (Kevin Q Brown +1 201 386 7344)
Subject: CRYONICS CryoNet readership statistics

FYI: The cryonics mailing list (CryoNet) has 165 email addresses
on it, so it gets distributed to at least that many people.  Also,
the cryonics.politics (0014.* archive message) thread, which is
available to everyone via CRYOMSG requests, is sent to well over 40
people automatically so that they do not need to send a CRYOMSG request
for the new politics messages each time new ones arrive.
The USENET sci.cryonics news group had an estimated 10,000 readers
the last time I checked.  Unfortunately, we have had few messages
appropriate for a "sci" news group lately, so sci.cryonics has mostly
been in suspension.
					Kevin Q. Brown

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