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Subject: CRYONICS Scottsdale Building Purchase
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 93 01:35:17 PDT

To Cryonet
>From Steve Bridge, President
Alcor Life Extension Foundation
September 24, 1993

     I just got back from Scottsdale, Arizona last night.  While I was 
there, Cryonics Property, LLC (an Arizona limited liability company) 
closed escrow on the Acoma Drive building.  We are moving quickly to get 
estimates on the maintenance work required and on Alcor's proposed 
interior construction.  There are several companies interested in leasing 
the empty space in the center of the building, and I think we will have it 
leased by November 1st or shortly thereafter.  

     Not all of the potential investors have made up their minds yet, so 
the private offering has been extended through October 15, 1993.  It is 
too early to tell what percentage of the LLC is owned by Alcor and what is 
owned by individuals.  I hope we can have final figures sometime after 
October 15.

     We are still working to get more donations to Alcor's Building Fund,
in order to pay Alcor's moving expenses and to keep as low as possible 
the amount of money Alcor will invest from its other funds.  If you 
haven't contributed yet, you can still be a big help.

Steve Bridge

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