X-Message-Number: 2424
Date: 29 Sep 93 15:43:58 EDT
From: "Scott C. Herman" <>
Subject: CRYONICS EarthQuake activity 

Last night Southern Calif Experienced Earth-Quake Activity.
At this time it is not considered significant.


At 10:01 pm Redlands Calif Experinced a Magnitude 3.0 
Quake Centered 7 Miles south of Redlands. A Pre-shock
was felt just before. This area is in close proximity to 
the San Andreas Fault, Porbably a Branch.


At 3:59 am Wrightwood Calif Experienced A Magnitude 3.1
Quake Centered 3 Miles West / Northwest of Wrightwood
 in the San Gaberil Mountains around Mt Baldy. This area
is on the San Aderas Fault.

A Pre-Shock was felt 1 minute before the Event. 

Event # 3 "?" (Waiting to See)

While this activity is not significant at this time I would like 
to Remind you that landers Experienced two Pre-Quakes 
ranging from Magnitude 3.1 to 3.5 roughly 12 hours before 
the Main Event - - - 7.4 Magnitude.

This is Being posted as a "For Your Information" to the Members.

If there is anyother Activity in the Southern Calif Area I will keep
you posted via the net.

Scott Herman (Alcor Member)

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