X-Message-Number: 2429
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 93 18:31:58 PDT
From:  (Martin R. Olah)
Subject: CRYONICS: Cryonics on TV 

Sorry for the lateness of my last post. The PBS special covered cryonics within
the first hour on the 4th.  It was only a few minutes but it was nice that they
even thought of including cryonics. The segment basically consisted of Carlos
explaining the difference between a torn and burned piece of paper and 
comparing it to the information needed for reanimation. Also the dewars, 
operating room, and exterior of Alcor were shown. It made Alcor look quite
credible, yet suggested that it was the only organization of this type.
Unfortunately the episode was very short and choppy, so I don't know how much
of it would really sink in to the average viewer. At least it was upbeat and
portrayed cryonics as offering an alternative view of death.

                           - O Martin

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