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Subject: Re: cryonics #242 - Lessons of HGH
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From: Lee Wells <corpane!disk!>

I barely know where to start.....

Some people have known about the age reversing effects of HGH since before
1983 (Pearson & Shaw)... and Surprise they even know how to increase the
bodies production without injection...

It's called L-Arginine, it's an amino acid that tastes horrible and is found
in protein, and if you don't get enough of it when you are a kid you will be
short for your age.

I have been taking this stuff for 5 years (I'm 36 years old) and it seems to
work fairly well.

If anyone wants any more information, or if they want to try and restart the
Life eXperiments mailing list, let me know.

(Don't start taking L-Arginine without reading about it first.  It is a very 
BASIC solution and it needs co-factors to work as well as it can.)

Lee Wells
D.I.S.K. Louisville, KY

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