X-Message-Number: 2431
Date: 06 Oct 93 22:26:34 EDT
From: David Cosenza <>
Subject: CRYONICS re Mike Darwin Inquisition


In message #2430 (Mike Darwin Inquisition) Charles Platt wrote:


>I am told that Mike was able to 
>refute the various complaints levelled against him. However, 
>my sources may be biased, and I would value a general report 
>from other people who were at the meeting, particularly 
>Michael Riskin, the Alcor Ombudsman, who has gone out of his 
>way in the past to maintain a position of neutral 

So far so good, but then Charles goes on to say:


>...may we now expect a full retraction from the 
>Chamberlains? This would be good manners, to say the least, 
>and it might also help to extricate them from any legal 
>jeopardy that they incurred by making their baseless 
>allegations in a public forum.

This sort of blatant hypocracy is laughable.  Obviously, Charles has made 
up his mind and *really* doesn't want to be bothered with any facts (as 

Charles is correct about Michael Riskin's high degree of objectivity and 
credibility.  Dr. Riskin's judgment in this matter will be good enough for 
me.  I understand that Dr. Ralph Merkle and Dr. Michael Perry were at the 
meeting as well and I would respect their judgment also.

Ever forward,


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