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Subject: The Creekside Lodge & Society for Venturism, are shifting into
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 20:36:18 -0700

Dave Pizer wrote:
> We need cooks, waiters, wranglers, horse trainers and grooms. Sure 
> there is some physical work involved, but that keeps the body in good 
> shape. And there is a lot of mental challenging work and all those 
> philosophical nights we will sit around the campfire and wax 
> philosophically. It doesn't get any better than this folks. 

J. Corbally responded:
Crikey David, you should write a brochure! :) While I'll be making my way 
to the U.S. to stay in the near future, I'll be a little further East, in 
VA :( Still, it sounds divine over there! 

David has written many brochures and other pieces of advertising (not to mention
the very popular Fitwell Auto 

upholstery TV ads he did with Great Dane "Woofy" which made him a major Arizona 
celebrity).  In the dictionary next to 

the definition of "smooth" you will find a photograph of him! :  )  He has 
taught me a great deal when it comes to 

business, and especially in the area of marketing.  Dave is one of the sharper 
tools you're likely to come across in 

the workshed of life, and I am grateful to him for his patient mentoring of me.
Dave had me put my personal sweat 

equity into this place by having me actually help to build it, and it's 
wonderful to be able to be part of a great 

project from the ground floor up.  Dave is not always easy to work for, but he 
has done more for me than my own flesh 
and blood father ever did (who I had to track down several years ago).      

We certainly do have the beginnings of a cryonics community germinating here in 
Arizona.  I enjoy my cryonics-related 

conversations with Dave and Mark.  When Mark and I are working together on some 
project one of us will sometimes make 

a remark on something which not just anyone would quite understand. lol  And it 
has been great to have several 

different cryonicists visit for extended periods who were recently retired and 
now looking seriously at relocating 

here.  I enjoy picking their brain and learning about how they got into cryonics
and what they have experienced (both 
good and bad) within the movement.  

One of my favorite people to come by and visit was Don Laughlin.  I expected a 
huge entourage, but that was not the 

case.  He was very curious about the place and gave Dave a big hello.  It turns 
out they have been friends for many 

years, and Dave greatly looks up to him because of the way he took a ghost town 
and over decades of hard work 

transformed it into what it is now.  I went outside to take a photograph of them
together and Dave introduced me.  Don 

very graciously included me in their conversation and I felt very welcome.  He 
asked Dave if next time he could fly in 
with his helicopter and he got the answer, "anytime!"      

As Mark said in his post, this area is actually pretty dang civilized with a lot
to offer in both country adventure 

and citified comforts.  In ten or twenty years people will look back on the area
as it is now and say "things were so 

quiet and sleepy back then!"  The area between Prescott and Phoenix (at least 
where we are) is really growing by leaps 

and bounds.  When some of you come back from reanimation they will say "welcome 
to Presnix, citizen!"  

Though Ventureville has not been built yet, we still have our share of local 
cryonicists close to Creekside (not even 

counting Phoenix).  Among these colorful characters are Mike Darwin and Charles 
Platt.  In fact, Mike likes to 

occasionally visit Charles because the two are so close to each other (in 
physical proximity).  And so I think in time 

Ventureville could be an ideal home for the both of them.  Mike would not have 
to travel so far to visit Charles! 

I'm very happy to have Mark "Aristos" Plus here.  He is a reserved, yet friendly
gentleman who is a voracious reader 

of many different subjects (he wears out our poor local librarian with all his 
special orders).  And believe me, it 

shows in what he can discuss and write about.  I realize many of you get the 
impression Mark is a very "doom and 

gloom/the sky is falling!" kind of guy based on his Cryonet posts.  But actually
in "real life" he does not come 

across that way.  Mark's tabby/Louisiana coon cat, "Kahn" is the newest pet 
around here, and has become the new 

unofficial Creekside Lodge greeter.  Kahn is a very good-looking critter, and 
believe me; he gets told that day after 
day by hosts of admiring women who lovingly pet him.  Darn, lucky cat!      

The restaurant project is going well and seems to be on schedule.  I know from 
experience that a restaurant is A LOT 

of work but I think with Dave's wise guidance we can succeed.  Done right, the 
restaurant will really cause our cabin 

occupancy rates to skyrocket!  I thought Dave hiring the great granddaughter of 
Pancho Villa was a brilliant marketing 

idea.  She is a drop-dead gorgeous woman with a strong resemblance to Selma 
Hayak, the famous actress.  Both Mark and 

I are heart-broken though, because she refuses to date either of us!  Of course 
I would be even more heart-broken if 

she were to date Mark instead of me...  Kahn, of course, gets all sorts of 
loving and food from her whenever he wants 

Dave's grand vision of this place has definitely caught my imagination.  
Tripling the number of cabins (if we can keep 

the occupancy rates high) will turn this business into a money-generating 
monster for the Society for Venturism and 

our cryonics community.  All of our dreams of having a popular magazine known 
world-wide, an organization whose 

members have the resources to get the word out & grab the ear of the mass media,
a first-class museum "of the future" 

(this is near and dear to my heart), a park with the sculptured likenesses of 
the greatest contributors to the 

cryonics field (also an idea dear to my heart), plans and means to make sure all
members get a quality suspension when 

the time comes, a legal defense force for the cryonics movement, a big 
lodge-style headquarters/rec center to be the 

center of Ventureville, an Olympic-sized indoor/outdoor swimming pool, and a top
notch cryonics community we can shout 

to the world about, and be damn proud of (as the news/documentary crews descend 
upon us and we become world famous).  

We intend to be "the place" for cryonicist and transhumanist groups across the 
nation & world to hold conferences (at 

very economical rates).  The Society for Venturism (from its Ventureville HQ) 
will become one of the most preeminent 

immortalist powers in the world, and a primary goal will be to build bridges 
with other religious organizations.  In 

cooperation with other major and minor transhumanist/cryonicist groups we will 
move toward the kind of world we all 

want.  The lodge business will be the financial engine to drive us forward in 
ways other transhumanist organizations 
can only dream about.            

To this end Dave is carrying out a major "in-house" public relations campaign to
win over the local community.  The 

Mayer Fire Department, Sheriff's Dept., Chamber of Commerce, Realtor's Group, 
Senior Citizens organization, you name 

it, get the red carpet rolled out for them and for very little, or for free get 
to hold their meetings here.  With the 

aesthetic power of this place, believe me, it is an invitation they heartily 
accept.  And we have given out a large 

number of (one night here on us!) gift certificates to local charities and 
government organizations.  Our hope is that 

these people and organizations will see us as the good people which we are, and 
worthy of their friendship and support 

when the cryonics community question raises its head.  We don't want a scene 
here straight out of a Frankenstein movie 

where the local villagers, armed with pitch forks and flaming torches, burn us 
out for "playing God!"  And in 21st 

century Arizona, instead of pitch forks and torches, they use underhanded bills 
and dad-burned political scheming (ask 

Alcor)!  But I have a feeling Dave will have seduced with kindness, all the 
potential opposition long before anything 
like that can actually stop us from our ultimate goals.  

His plans for Ventureville are not a big secret by any means; in fact, there was
a mention of it a number of months 

ago in the Arizona Republic.  People around here are aware of it, but they just 
shrug their shoulders and view it as 

being simply the eccentric interest of the owner.  After the first week-long 
Alcor standby training session here, I 

overheard some housekeepers talking amongst each other and saying "those 
cryonics people were really nice."  

Considering what they have said about some of our guests I can say I was very 
happily surprised.  And believe me; what 

those women see and hear gets out into the community at large.

I will tell you this much about David Pizer.  There are "can-do" people and 
"can't-do" people in this world, and he 

belongs to the former group, not the latter.  I have seen so many posts and 
threads on Cryonet and the Extropy list 

where people create all sorts of "pie in the sky" ideas, but of course nothing 
is done about making them a reality 

because the determination, skills and money are just not there.  Well, folks, 
this gentleman ain't like that.  He 

comes up with a "crazy" idea, sets it as a goal, and then actually does it.  If 
only we could all follow his example.  

Dave is just the sort of man you want at the head of an organization and 
community where there could be storms 

brewing.  This is a friendly and yet tough as titanium nails man, who will 
ferociously fight for what he views is 

right and in his best interest.  He is an extremely battle-hardened veteran of 
business and legal streetfights, and he 

is willing to use his hard-won experience and skills on your behalf when you are
a Venturist, and/or a Ventureville 

community member.  Dave has witnessed over the years many tragic occurrences 
where a person who had signed up for 

cryonics, had their "friends" and relatives either stop them from being 
suspended, or ripped into their trusts and 

wills to actually have them unfrozen.  This horrified and enraged Dave to the 
point of him making it one of his life's 

goals to protect others from such a terrible fate.  One of these days I will get
Dave a "Don't tread on me!" T-shirt, 
because it would be very appropriate.           

They say every "good man has a great woman behind him."  And that is very true 
with Trudy, Dave's terrific wife.  But 

if you know her as well as I do, you would know she really isn't *behind" Dave 
all that much! lol  She is a great 

person and definitely an alpha female to Dave's alpha male.  I would say without
question Dave's best "business deal" 

was getting married to her.  Spending time talking to Trudy and seeing her with 
the animals is definitely one of the 

reasons to come out here.  And she happens to be one of the world's greatest 
cooks.  Really!        

I hope Dave is with us at least another twenty years, if not more, before he has
to go "into the tank."  We need him 

to get everything established and going in the best way possible.  If he dies 
within the next few years it would be 

inconceivable (don't die Dave!).  I have heard some of the stories of vicious 
infighting among /transhumanist/general 

business boards of directors when the strong founding leader dies, and I do not 
want that there.  But as long as we 

have our original founding emperor, we will be just fine.  I imagine Dave one 
day on his deathbed in a way like the 

emperor skeksi in the film "The Dark Crystal."  And as in the film, when the 
scepter goes to someone else (even the 

board) the trouble will start.  But Dave does his best (almost) to take care of 
himself and so I expect him to live a 

long time.  In fact, if advances progress as well as some among the 
knowledgeable claim, he might live just long 

enough to have medical technology "boost him" into the realm of indefinite 
lifespan.  We shall see.    

We are extremely proud of PHYSICAL IMMORTALITY magazine.  It got off to a fairly
slow start, but now with our major 

campaign to find new distributors I can tell things are beginning to really take
off.  Dr. Mike Perry, our editor-in-

chief, is to be commended for his efforts for not only editing but writing for 
us, too.  Mike is a perfectionist and 
it sure shows in the final product.  Dr. Perry, I thank you.  

I am tired as the managing editor of asking people to write articles and being 
turned down (but there are some great 

exceptions out there).  I realize we live in busy times, but please catch a 
glimpse of our vision.  We are not doing 

this to "preach to the choir" but instead to tell the world about what we have 
to offer!  Every cryonicist should 

subscribe to PI, not so much for him or herself, but so they can give away the 
issue to someone who they feel would be 

open to our ideas.  David Pizer is already a multi-millionaire, and he's doing 
this more than anything so he can help 

the rest of you.  He's offering the tool, but you have to be willing to pick it 

The breeding program here (for the horses, not humans, though that would not be 
a bad idea, lol) with the Friesian 

horses is going to be incredible.  I realize some of you might not be familiar 
with the Friesian breed.  They are 

GORGEOUS (generally jet black) horses with the massive build of a draft horse.  
This is the same kind of horse 

medieval knights rode on as they butchered each other (and the poor peasants) in
the name of God and country!  But 

with the laid back attitude of these horses you would never know it.  When we 
have beautiful foals prancing around the 

arena the guests are going to be making special trips to the barn area just to 
see them.  I really look forward to 
eating Friesian foal steak sandwiches for lunch every day.  

With the focus David and Trudy are putting on this, I expect conversations about
cryonics to go something like this a 

decade from now, "cryonics, oh, you mean those folks who love to breed those 
beautiful giant black horses, and also 

want to be frozen in the hope they can be brought back?"  Yep, it will be 
something like that.  And I want it in my 

contract that upon reanimation I will be given one Friesian Pegasus which can 
actually fly.  Now, I don't want one 

that just "looks good" but doesn't actually fly.  Who wants that?  Dave, please 
remember this! 

We have a saddlebred horse here by the name of Reuben who if he were human would
be the meanest bully in his 

classroom.  He would chase around the smallest of the three horses we have, to 
viciously bite and torment the poor 

animal.   To get this horse's respect I had to get into a staring contest with 
him (I won) so he would not try to 

bully me.  But the new alpha female horse we just got will not tolerate any of 
his misbehavior.  She bit him back hard 

and chased him around the arena to Reuben's shock and horror.  It was nice 
seeing him get what he deserved. : )

Horses are not just the only animal Dave and Trudy love to have with them.  They
are dog lovers as well.  Albert (my 

unofficial little brother) is a jet-black Dane with the sweetest disposition you
could ever imagine.  If I'm having a 

hard day he will put somehow sense this and put his big head in my lap.  He's a 
laidback guy who loves a good nap and 

will eat anything in sight.  The newest Dane, Blaze, is just the opposite in 
disposition.  She is a whirlwind of 

hyperactive energy that can be overwhelmingly affectionate at times where that 
is not really desired.  But she may 

grow out of this stage (hopefully!).  Much smaller in scale is Carlata, a very 
energetic and playful Pomeranian ball 

of fur with two eyes.  With a pole and some duct tape, you could turn her into a
dust mop!             

There are definite job opportunities here for cryonicists.  All we ask from you 
is fanatical devotion and that you 

take an oath of celibacy.  That's all!  Down the road we may also need an 
assortment of goons, thugs, hooligans, and 

mercenaries, but only if civilization falls and we need to straighten everything
out around here the "old-school 

Chicago" way.  So if you are a goon, thug, hooligan or mercenary, please hold 
off on sending us your resume until the 
need clearly arises.  

The Creekside Preserve property is something very special.  Visitors are amazed 
when they go behind the lodge and 

discover our "lost valley" creek bed which is full of tall trees and green 
bushes.  Children, pets and parents love to 

walk the creek and explore its many nooks and crannies.  As one older citizen of
Mayer said to me, "this is a very 

special patch of God's Earth."  I like to think there is just a touch of Middle 
Earth down there. 

I encourage anyone curious about us to visit fairly soon, because if you wait 
several years, you won't realize all the 

incredible changes it has gone through.  And so if you are planning your future 
retirement/relocation, please come by 

for the red-carpet tour.  And if you have good-hearted, at least fairly 
good-looking daughters in their late twenties 

to mid-thirties who are going to be living with you, *WELL, HEY*, Mark (my 
co-manager) and I will send you plane 

tickets to come on over (but first we must get pictures of them and legal 
written agreements of intention to marry)!!  
It's the very least we can do for you.  : )    

I don't bite, and as far as I know Mark isn't a vampire, either (but he could be
a dhampire...), so don't be shy when 

it comes to paying us a visit.  I'm really looking forward to showing the the 
place off to Cryonet folks who 

eventually visit us, not to mention my own friends and family currently back in 

Right before sunset or sunrise I will take you to the very top of the big hill 
overlooking our property, so you can 

share with me one my favorite things about this place.  If you remember anything
else, you will remember that.   

Happy trails to everyone,
whatever terrestrial or extra-terrestrial paths you may travel on,

John Grigg
Creekside Manager
Managing Editor, Physical Immortality magazine     

P.S. (For Steve Bridge) I really did try to contain myself with my urge to put 
"!!! : ) !!! lol LOL!!! : ) !!!!" 
everywhere!!!, err..., I mean everywhere.  : )

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