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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 10:08:44 EDT
Subject: I am going to Transvision 04!

Hello, Fellow Visionaries!
This is Rudi From Florida.  I am very enthusiastic that I will be able  to 
attend Transvision 2004 in Toronto.  
Perhaps some of you can relate to having a constituency.  We all have  them, 
in my case, my dear wife and business assistant.  Anyway, I was able  to 
persuade her to spend the money and time to let me go.  Sorry if that  sounds 
wimpy, but those of you who are reasonably happily married will  understand.  

Macho, unilateral, edicts just do not go well with modern  "uppity" wives! LOL!
Dawn and I just had our 20th anniversary.
Anyway, hope to see some of my cryonics friends in Toronto!

Rudi Hoffman

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