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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 00:16:13 -0400
From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>
Subject: Fundraising for Political Support of Cryonics in Arizona

[ I am forwarding the following announcement since it is timely
   and hasn't yet made it to CryoNet. - Kevin Q. Brown ]

Support Cryonics Rights!

In early 2004 cryonicists in Arizona narrowly averted hasty legislation
harmful to cryonics:


Positive changes to the bill, and the eventual realization that
withdrawal of the bill would be best for all concerned, only
happened because certain Arizona legislators were able to see
through hostile rhetoric and allegations against cryonics.
They were able to see cryonics as a matter of personal choice,
and that the nature and scope of the proposed cryonics legislation
was not justified.

The hundreds of letters legislators received from people inside
and outside Arizona helped demonstrate that cryonics has a real
constituency.  In an election year, supporting candidates
responsive to your concerns is an even more effective demonstration
of the political clout of cryonicists.  A list of candidates who
took the time to listen and respond to the concerns of cryonicists
is at:


Please financially support these candidates who support individuals'
rights to make their own decisions about their own lives, including
cryonics.  They can accept contributions from citizens residing
anywhere in the U.S.  Please choose one or more of these candidates,
particularly ones in tight races, and make your support known.
For the cost of your Internet access (or less), you can make a
difference in what kind of legislative precedent Arizona may set
for cryonics during the next session for years to come.

This message was composed by private individuals.  It does not
originate from any cryonics organization or its employees.

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