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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 02:26:57 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Re: Supporting AZ pro Cryonics Reps.
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>Message #24430
>Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 00:16:13 -0400
>From: "Kevin Q. Brown" <>
>Subject: Fundraising for Political Support of Cryonics in Arizona
>[ I am forwarding the following announcement since it is timely
>   and hasn't yet made it to CryoNet. - Kevin Q. Brown ]
>Support Cryonics Rights!
>In early 2004 cryonicists in Arizona narrowly averted hasty legislation
>harmful to cryonics:
>Positive changes to the bill, and the eventual realization that
>withdrawal of the bill would be best for all concerned, only
>happened because certain Arizona legislators were able to see
>through hostile rhetoric and allegations against cryonics.
>They were able to see cryonics as a matter of personal choice,
>and that the nature and scope of the proposed cryonics legislation
>was not justified.
>The hundreds of letters legislators received from people inside
>and outside Arizona helped demonstrate that cryonics has a real
>constituency.  In an election year, supporting candidates
>responsive to your concerns is an even more effective demonstration
>of the political clout of cryonicists.  A list of candidates who
>took the time to listen and respond to the concerns of cryonicists
>is at:
>Please financially support these candidates who support individuals'
>rights to make their own decisions about their own lives, including
>cryonics.  They can accept contributions from citizens residing
>anywhere in the U.S.  Please choose one or more of these candidates,
>particularly ones in tight races, and make your support known.
>For the cost of your Internet access (or less), you can make a
>difference in what kind of legislative precedent Arizona may set
>for cryonics during the next session for years to come.
>This message was composed by private individuals.  It does not
>originate from any cryonics organization or its employees.
I forwarded this to the WTA-Talk list with the following comment:

"I will add that news of such support coming as it would from all over 
the country for the purpose of rewarding certain AZ representatives 
would go a long way to shining the mainstream media limelight on 
Cryonics and Transhumanism."


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