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Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 09:07:09 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Amsterdam >H meeting
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Transhumanist/Cryonics meeting in Amsterdam.

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   Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 15:42:50 -0400
   From: "Aschwin de Wolf" <>
Subject: Dutch transhumanist / cryonics meeting (Amsterdam 31-07-2004)

Dear All,

After almost 4 months of trying to organize a transhumanist event, I
have finally managed to put something together.

Our first meeting will be on Saturday 31 of July, 7pm at my apartment
in Amsterdam.

Antoine van de Ven, from the Dutch Cryonics Organisation, and who is
himself signed up for cryonics, is going to give an introductory
lecture about cryonics and transhumanism.

Audience participation is encouraged and there will be enough time for
questions and discussion. Afterwards, we will go for a drink.

[note see addendum below]

Sat 31 July, 7pm 

at Gustavo's apartment:
Barentszplein 18
(5 minutes from Central Station)

This is an open meeting and everyone is welcome.

Are you coming?


Gustavo Lacerda
Amsterdam: 06 2416 5268

Always email me at something at optimizelife.com, otherwise your
message may never be seen.

Due to a conflict with an event in England, we have decided to

postpone the meeting by exactly one week, to the 7th of August.

Same place, same thing, one week later. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Again, if you want to come, please contact me 

so I count you.


Further note:

I, James, am hoping some of my fellows from the Methuselah Foundation, 
possibly even Aubrey de Grey, will be able to attend this meeting but 
this I cannot guarantee. Furthermore, The Methuselah Foundation's Mouse 
Prize is in need of just a few more long term donors for what we call, 
"The Three Hundred". See website for full explanation 

Even though a volunteer member of the organization I too am hoping one 
day to join this group that may well, we hope, be a historically 
remembered and revered group of individuals... for only the cost of a 
latte a day! However, there are only 4 slots left. This is the whole 
matter to which I refer. We need these four slots filled in order to 
break the one half million dollar breakthrough level and hopefully from 
that milestone gain some media publicity and momentum. But it's not very 
easy to get involved is it? I for one know for sure it is not, 
especially physically involved. But where bodies may not be capable of 
reaching dollars can very very well. Dollars are exactly what MMP needs 
to help attract scientists to the field of antiaging medicine. So far 
we've done pretty well and I can tell you we've only just begun. 
Wondrous things are afoot!

This is an important >H endeavor. It's one thing to write each other 
daily and discuss what is or is not >H and what should be or not >H but 
it is another thing altogether to get involved and make our dreams come 

Our most precious of all these dreams, to me, is extended healthy human 
life span. Through funding prizes that help spur technological 
development, proven vehicles for advancement of technology as evidenced 
by such endeavors like the "Longitude Prize" and Harrison's sea going 
accurate clocks to Charles Lindburgh's transatlantic flight and the 
subsequent development of aviation to the contemporary Ansari XPrize for 
encouraging the development of commercial private enterprise space 
flight, technological prize inducements have paved the way for much of 
our modern successes.

Please consider becoming a part of human and >H history by joining me 
and others in supporting the Methuselah Mouse Prize. Nothing will get 
the public's interest so piqued as would learning that it is really 
possible to increase our healthy human life span. The MMP is rapidly 
gaining recognition. We've already been featured in fortune magazine and 
can look forward to even more mainstream media publicity. Nothing gains 
attention so greatly as the term 'a Million'! We're almost there and 
with your help I know we can do it!


Membership in order of joining:
Cryonics Institute of Michigan	http://www.cryonics.org
The Immortalist Society		http://www.cryonics.org/info.html
The Society for Venturism	http://www.venturist.org
Immortality Institute		http://www.imminst.org
Methuselah Foundation		http://www.methuselahfoundation.org
Methuselah Mouse Prize		http://www.methuselahmouse.org
[Give $$$ for life!]
World Transhumanist Assoc.	http://www.transhumanism.org/

MY WEBSITE: http://www.davidpascal.com/swayze/

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