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Subject: Cryonicists doing political "schmoozing"
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 15:17:28 -0700

James wrote:

I forwarded this [Alcor political call to action paper] to the WTA-Talk list 
with the following comment: 

"I will add that news of such support coming as it would from all over 
the country for the purpose of rewarding certain AZ representatives 
would go a long way to shining the mainstream media limelight on 
Cryonics and Transhumanism." 

I can just imagine the coming Newsweek article which will be entitled, "Cryonics
soft money influences Arizona 

politicians!"  And if we can get some of the wealthier cryonicists to help out, 
we can send lobbyists to Washington to 

play the "cash and influence" game so that we can be protected from autopsy & 
whatever else stands in our way.

How much money does it take to really influence things on the local level?  And 
what about the national level?  

Ironically, it might take more money than the entire net worth of Alcor to 
properly fund a small band of 
cryonics "ambassadors" stationed in the nation's capitol.  

The Dora Kent affair blooded Alcor for gentler endeavors like this, and I admit 
to liking a "charm and cash offensive" 
approach over having a ferocious defensive action rear-guard fight.

John Grigg     

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