X-Message-Number: 24444
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 11:00:03 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: reply to Kurt re brain & aging

To Cryonet: A short reply to Kurt

Yes, I actually knew that. The fact that they turned to making blood
replacements says something about how looking at the role of the
brain in aging has fallen out of style (and I mean this quite 

Incidentally, there's even an article with Paul Segall as one of the
authors in the book I mentioned in my last message. As you might
guess, I do not think that line of investigation should be abandoned.
And for that matter, science too is subject to styles. It should not
be but it is. 

It's not that I think that immortality will come from study of the
brain's role in aging, but that I think that aging has many levels
and if you seriously want to eliminate it truly you'll have to
work on every one of those levels. 

               Best wishes and long long life to all,

                  Thomas Donaldson

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