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Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 14:13:30 -0700
From: James Swayze <>
Subject: Call for life extension tech news reports

Dear Friends,

In my volunteer capacity for the Methuselah Foundation I have been 
placed in charge of gathering internet available news and or peer review 
documentation of newsworthy items of the nature of technological means 
of extending human life that have become or soon will become publicly 
available, not to exceed two years wait time. They must be only that 
which can be either linked to or archived at the MF website in whole to 
faithfully maintain the entire document and its original links thereby 
preserving their advertising capabilities. All items will be vetted for 
appropriate relation to the subject and approval sought so as to not 
violate copyright. Examples of these are items such as newest artificial 
hearts, high tech nearer to bodily function prosthetics, nanomedicine 
near to approval and use, in short anything not biological that is 
placed in or on the body as either a replacement for existing or 
augmentation of existing bodily function.

I could really use some help in gathering these types of things since I 
couldn't possibly read every outlet out there in cyberspace. Our ilk 
seem to have an eye out for and periodically share amongst ourselves 
these types of things so I thought you all an excellent resource. So if 
you have now or in future come across any such items could you please 
email me privately the link to it? Email to <> Please 
indicate in the subject line, maybe NEWS or such. Thank you all.


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