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From: "Michael C Price" <>
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Subject: Re: praise for Michael Price (was: Niacin prevents Alzheimer's and 
slows cognitive decline ) 
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 09:45:17 +0100

My thanks to Thomas Donaldson for his kind words on the 
niacin report.  I should add, though, that whilst I was alerted to 
the study by an email bulletin from the Life Extension Foundation 
(as Thomas surmised) my analysis was based on the study itself, 
not on the LEF's reporting of it.  I frequently find that a study and
the way the study is reported in the media to be contradictory.
In the present case the LEF report was rather incomplete.

As for the rationality of choosing between cryonics and anti-aging
life extension, there is no reason why you can't do both.  My
decision to concentrate on the anti-aging approach, at least for the 
moment, is based in my age & health and my evaluation of the 
prospects for cryonics in the UK, which won't be applicable to 
most aspiring immortaists.  Conversely, though, Thomas' post 
provides a very good reason why a cryonicist should not ignore 
the anti-aging approach - namely Alzheimer's may result in the 
suspension of a patient who has already been brain dead for
years.  A horrible prospect!

Michael C Price

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