X-Message-Number: 24470
From: "Bruce Waugh" <>
Subject: Toronto Cryonics Summer Party August 14
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 2004 09:19:22 -0400

The 2004 Toronto cryonics summer party will be held in the party room of my
condo in the Yonge and 401 area on SATURDAY, AUGUST 14 from 4 pm on.

The highlight of the party will be Ben Best's presentation on the 
cryobiology of cryonics beginning at 5pm.  It will be followed by a potluck 
BBQ.  As with last year, we will attempt to use one of the BBQs and a number 
of the picnic tables.

The Toronto response members will have a short meeting after the dinner.

If you will be coming, please send an email to me specifying if you will be 
coming by car or subway and I will reply with detailed directions.

Bruce Waugh

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