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Subject: CRYONICS who hassles whom?
From:  (Ben Best)
Date: 	Thu, 11 Nov 1993 00:33:00 -0500

   In a recent conversation I had with Paul Snikers, who enforces the
anti-cryonics law in BC, he complained that he is getting sick and
tired of people calling him about the cryonics law -- and that he
would like to see the issue put to rest. He says that it was never
really the intent of the law to tell people what could be done with
their bodies(???). Anyway, he seemed irritated that someone called
him about Secton 57 of the Cemetery and Funeral Services Act (Bill 42)
at least ONCE A MONTH.

   If he thinks getting a phone call once a month is harassment, I
don't think this man understands what harassment really means. I
think he should be getting calls and letters at least weekly or
daily. His phone number is: (604) 387-9114. His mailing address:

              Mr. Paul Snikars, Registrar
              Cemeteries and Funeral Services Branch
              Ministry of Labour and Consumer Affairs
              1019 Wharf Street
              Victoria, British Columbia
              V8V 1X4 CANADA

   For reference, under the heading "Arrangements Forbidden" of
Bill 42 is Part 5, Section 57: "No person shall offer for sale
or sell any arrangement for the preservation or storage of human
remains based on cryonics, irradiation or any other means of
preservation or storage, by whatever name called, that is offered
or sold on the expectation of the resuscitation of human remains
at a future time."

   Keep those calls and letters coming in!

                -- Ben Best (ben.best%)

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