X-Message-Number: 2449
Subject: CRYONICS CryoCare Progress Report #2
From:  (Charles Platt)
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 93 09:41:57 EST

               CryoCare: Second Progress Report

I have sent to people on our mailing list a second progress 
report re the new cryonics organization(s) being formed. 

Among the highlights: 
CryoCare, the "mother hen" organization which will contract 
with other providers for specific services, has announced 
that its initial directors will be Brenda Peters, Peter 
Gouras MD, and Brian Wowk. Brenda Peters will also serve as 
President of CryoCare. Charles Platt will be vice-president, 
and Kevin Brown will be secretary/treasurer. 

Judy Norman and Bill Seidel will be playing an active role in 
spreading the word about CryoCare and soliciting new members.


If you have not received a copy of this second progress 
report, and you'd like to see the full text (including a lot 
of other news items), this is very easy to do. Send email to: 


The subject line and content of your message are unimportant. 
The full report will be sent to you automatically by return. 

If you have already received our second progress report, you 
are on our mail list, and you do not need to send email to 
the above address. 


If you want other information about CryoCare or cryonics in 
general, send a message DESCRIBING YOUR SPECIFIC INTEREST to: 



Please note the difference! 

 functions as a mindless entity that 
sends our current progress report to anyone who sends it a 
message. Incoming messages are not examined for content. 

 is a fully-featured mail address where 
messages are read and appropriate action is taken. 

--Charles Platt 

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