X-Message-Number: 2463
Subject: CRYONICS Restraint
From:  (Charles Platt)
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 93 20:36:19 EST

I would like to thank Steve Bridge and the Alcor directors 
for responding positively to my request that we should try to 
avoid accusations and counter-accusations in future.  

Public bickering among competing organizations tends to 
diminish people's confidence in all the parties involved. 

Some argument was inevitable, so long as there was a group of 
malcontents who felt that Alcor was their only real choice as 
a cryonics organization. Now that the malcontents (myself 
included) are setting up their own organization, there's no 
further excuse for name-calling. 

Keith Henson has pointed out that our informal agreement to 
be courteous and restrained can be circumvented if people use 
pseudonyms to post personal attacks. I believe that the use 
of pseudonyms was just another symptom of the discontent that 
existed previously, and I have every reason to expect that no 
further pseudonymous posts will appear. 

I'd like to apologize if some of my own text here has been 
excessively personal in tone in the past year or so. It's 
hard, sometimes, to judge one's own tone and content, 
especially in email. 

--Charles Platt 

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