X-Message-Number: 2466
Subject: CRYONICS Thank You
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 93 04:13:45 PST

To Cryonet
>From Steve Bridge
November 16, 1993

Thanks to several of you for the ideas on dealing with the Arizona DHS 
situation, especially Steve Harris for his insightful posting which I 
have forwarded on to our attorney.

I hope some of the more technical people will give some thought to the 
"plastic bag" trick (which Mark Voelker independently thought of) to see
if it is really feasible.  Hugh Hixon has pointed out that we haven't 
found a polymer in the past that doesn't become brittle at LN2 
temperature, at least not one that could be made into air-tight bags.
But further suggestions are welcome.

Steve Bridge

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